Level 4: Studio 5000 Function Block Programming
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Level 4: Studio 5000 Function Block Programming
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Course Purpose This course is a skill-building programming course that provides you with an understanding of RSLogix 5000 function block diagrams and terminology. This course also provides you with the resources and hands-on practice required to efficiently program a Logix5000 controller using function block diagrams. You will have an opportunity to use RSLogix 5000 software and perform software tasks to meet the requirements of a given functional specification. In addition to using function blocks, you will perform parameter modifications to individual function block instructions, as well as create and develop function block diagram programs and routines. You will also gain experience with a variety of function block instructions, including PIDE and add-on instructions.
Course Run By Rockwell Automation
Duration 2
Prerequisites To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required; • Ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows tasks. • Understanding of basic measurement and control theory, including basic loop control. • Completion of the RSLogix 5000 Project Development course (CCP143) or equivalent experience
Scheduling Full details are available on the Media/Events page
Topic Outline • Creating a Function Block Diagram • Programming Logical Function Block Instructions • Programming Timer and Counter Function Block Instructions • Programming Analogue Function Block Instructions • Programming Device Driver Function Block Instructions • Programming a Totalizer Function Block Instruction • Programming and Monitoring an RMPS (Ramp/Soak) Function Block Instruction • Controlling Program Flow Using Function Block Instructions • Programming a PID Loop Using Function Block Diagram • Tuning a PID Loop Using Active-X Controls • Developing an Add-On Instruction in Function Block Diagram
Who Should Attend Individuals who are responsible for developing, debugging, and programming Logix5000 controllers using RSLogix500 software with function block diagrams should attend this course. Also, individuals who use Active-X controls in an operator interface, such as RSView32 software, should attend this course.
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