NHP’s vast automation systems product range can provide a completely integrated automation solution, for both the factory and process automation industries, that can be delivered within our Integrated Architecture platform courtesy of an exclusive partnership with Rockwell Automation including their Allen-Bradley automation product range.

At NHP, our extensive Automation systems range promises to meet your project requirements whether your need be:  MES Software, Visualisation Software, Process Control Systems, Programmable Controllers, Micro Controllers, Smart Relays, Distributed I/O Systems, Motion Controllers and Servo Drives, Operator Panels and Touch Screens, Industrial Computers, Networking and Radio Communications  and more!

If you would like further information regarding this product range, simply visit our Automation Systems Brochure Library!

The flexibility of placing your I/O where it needs to be makes distributed I/O the first choice for your distributed control system.

NHP offers a wide variety of wired and wireless communications devices, physical media and gateways.

NHP offer a complete range of operator panels and touch screens together with industrial PCs and Panel PCs.

NHP offer multiple controller types and sizes including large programmable automation controllers (PACs) and programmable logic controllers (PLC) as well as Compact PLC systems perfect for complex machine control, batch processing and building automation. Integrated Safety capability is also available.

NHP’s range of Micro PLCs and Smart Relays are led by the Allen-Bradley Micro800 PLCs to set the benchmark for convenience, ease of use and control.

The NHP motion systems and motion control offering is primarily targeted at general motion control and industrial motion control applications

Browse our full suite of software for maximizing automation design productivity, scalable visualisation software and reporting software that turns data into actionable information that can help improve productivity.