What is HMI? HMI (Human Machine Interface) products provide windows into critical production, process information and enterprise data. Across every type of industry, application and manufacturing environment, these products accelerate development and enhance operation.

NHP offer a wide range of HMI products and HMI systems manufactured by world class suppliers like Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) and ESA. These offerings permit unrivalled connectivity in industrial automation environment thanks to compatibility with a vast number of communication protocols such as Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CAN, Profinet etc. 

The use of specially designed materials makes NHP’s HMI product offerings extremely strong and perfectly suited to use in industrial environment and in harsh operating condition i.e. in environment where there is a high concentration of dust, high temperature or intense vibration.

View our range of Industrial PCs and Industrial Monitors. Available in box PC or Panel PC form factors.

View our range of operator panels that integrate into the Alen-Bradley control platform. We also have products that integrate into any control platform.

View our range of Micro Operator Panels for applications that require a cost effective solution.

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