Hazardous Area Junction Boxes
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NHP offers a range of junction boxes for hazadous environments. Standard designs available "off the shelf", or fully customised assemblies are available to suit specific applications and are drilled and assembled in the NHPEx workshop according to customer requirements. Our range is available in aluminium, plastic and stainless steel.

Hazardous Area Control Stations
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NHP offers a range of standard control stations for hazardous environments. Our control stations are designed according to increased safety Ex e for gas and Ex tb for dust hazards and are available in standard or fully customised designs. NHP also offers a range of Ex d control stations.

NHP's hazardous area equipment range of control stations, junction boxes and custom electrical assemblies is perfect for any hazardous environment.

Our very own IECEx certified workshop construct and inspect the Cortem range according to the requirements of IECEx certification. It allows for flexibility to produce custom solutions to suit your hazardous area requirements including lighting requirements, control stations and terminal boxes.

The NHPEx range offers Cortem enclosures which come in a range of materials with a wide variety of sizes including aluminium, stainless steel and GRP, with gas and dust protection.

A large range of off the shelf items including emergency stop stations, start/stop stations, isolators, junction boxes and the ability to customise enclosures to suit what entries, controllers, terminals and devices that are required is also available.

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Hazardous Area Control Stations and Junction Boxes