Teaming up with internationally renowned supply line partners such as Eldon Enclosures, Fibox Enclosures, Cosmotec, Stego and CUBIC modular switchboards, NHP’s Enclosures and Climate Control range offers a wealth of experience and market leading products - ensuring the highest quality and reliability at a competative price.

NHP has a complete range of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and thermo-plastic enclosure options in a large variety of sizes, accessories and configurations with the highest IP protection ratings and ease of use.

To complement NHP’s custom enclosures, a wide range of climate control systems and solutions are possible, ensuring your components are kept in optimal climate controlled environments. This allows the efficiency and life expectancy of invaluable electrical and electronic equipment to be maximised. All this backed up by dedicated climate control staff to ensure you have all the support you need!

If you would like further information regarding our range of enclosures and climate control, simply visit our Enclosures and Climate Control Brochure Library or explore the range further, below.

NHP provides a range of quality enclosure to protect your electrical components and electronic components including terminal boxes, wall mount enclosures and Floor Standing Enclosures. Our range includes stainless steel, powder coated mild steel, plastic and GRP enclosures. NHP can also customise an enclosure to suit your application.

NHP offer a complete range of climate control solutions working with supply partners such as Cosmotec to bring you the best in heating and cooling systems.

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Enclosures and Climate Control