Internal Enclosure Heaters & Cooling Control

NHP offer a complete range of climate control solutions. Working with internationally renowned supply partners Cosmotec and Stego, NHP will bring you the best heating and cooling systems in the world.

Today's continuous practice of making electrical components smaller has resulted in an increase in watt losses within enclosures, which in turn leads to higher temperatures that will potentially increase as ambient temperatures rise. One of the results of this increased temperature is component failure, which leads to prolonged downtime. In response to this NHP can offer a broad range of filter fans, air conditioners and heat exchangers to combat excess heat.

Just as critical and widely underestimated are failures caused by the formation of moisture from condensation build up within an enclosure. Under certain climatic circumstances, moisture can build up not only in outdoor enclosures, but also in highly protected and sealed enclosures. As a result, the simple physics of condensation can be very destructive inside electrical enclosures. To combat this, NHP can offer anti-condensation enclosure heaters with and without fans, as well as various regulating enclosure devices such as thermostats and hygrostats.

NHP can offer anti-condensation heaters with and without fans, as well as various regulating devices such as thermostats and hygrostats.

Utilising the tried and true efficient method of air conditioning, NHP offers a range of air conditioning solutions for cooling when your required internal temperature is lower than the maximum ambient temperature or where there is large component heat loss.

NHP's filter fans and exhaust fans allow a simple and cost effective solution for enclosure cooling or heating. We have a broad range of options to suite small narrow enclosures through to larger enclosures.

Heat exchangers are the perfect alternative to air conditioners and filter fans in a dirty environment, or when low energy consumption is needed.