Proconect is a world leader in the manufacture of industrial plugs and sockets for the mining, food processing, commercial, rail and marine industries and are available from NHP.

The 3PS isolating plugs from Proconect are available in five sizes: 16 A, 32 A, 63 A, 125 A and 160 A.

The benefits of Isolating Plugs & Sockets

The benefits of the isolating plugs are that it eliminates the need for a switch and ensures that power is available where and when it is required with complete safety to the operator. The socket outlet and appliance inlet are interlocked and then switched when engaged, making the connection and disconnection under load, safe and reliable.

The connector also discriminates so connection of the same voltage, amperage and number of poles can only be mated, making the Proconect 3PS isolating plugs from NHP the complete answer for industrial safety, without the need for specialised personnel when operating portable tools and equipment.

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Isolating Plugs and Sockets