With an extensive range of audible and visual signalling devices, NHP provides a range of sight and sound solutions for hundreds of applications. Be it general safety warning, process control, fire or evacuation, NHP have a range of emergency signaling devices and general signaling devices to get the job done.

NHP embraces various commercial and industrial signalling technologies including:

  • Xenon Beacons
  • LED Beacons
  • Rotating Beacons
  • Electronic Sounders with LED or Xenon Beacons
  • Piezoelectric Buzzers, Hooters & Mechanical Bells
  • Wide area sirens
    • Motor driven sirens
    • Electronic Sirens

Whether you require a beacon, siren, combination or a simple bell, NHP have exclusive partnerships to provide the extensive range of Klaxon sirens and sounders as well as the Moflash Signalling industrial beacon range.

Our experience has shown that certain signalling devices, be it sight or sound, adapt better to different environments. Aside from providing the highest quality sight and sound products, we’re here to offer advice to help you select the right product, the first time.

If it’s sight and sound products you’re after, choose Klaxon Signals or Moflash Signalling devices from NHP!

For more information on our electronic wide area siren solutions contact NHP for a site and sound map distribution based on your requirements! Otherwise, if you would like further information regarding any of this product range, simply visit our  Signalling Devices Brochure Library!

Audible signal devices from NHP include a range of horns, buzzers, bells, hooters, electric sounders and sirens. NHP carries an extensive range of industrial Audible signalling products that can be used in hundreds of applications, be it general safety warning, evacuation or process control.

Visual signalling devices include stack tower lights, Xenon strobes, LEDS, rotating beacons and flashing/non flashing lights. NHP also carries an extensive range of industrial visual signalling products that can be used in hundreds of applications, be it general safety warning, evacuation alerts or process control.

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